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使用 Slidev 制作的演示文档/演讲。

Exploring Social Engineering
Presentation on Social Engineering in Computers in Society class
Building a Polite Popup with Nuxt 3
Vue.js Nation 2023
Dev Environment as Code
Internal Tech Talk
Blazing slidev ppt template with naive-ui
personal sharing
Is it Okay to Pursue Functional Programming on Frontend?
2022 JSConf Korea
Minsu Kim , Changhui Lee
Diablo Health Orb Shader
rctAI Sessions
OpenFunction 202
OpenFunction Tutorial Sharing
Git's Most Wanted
Internal Tech Talk
Introduction to SVG
Thoughtworks Internal Lunch & Learn
Prisma as my ORM for PostgreSQL
LyonJS Meetup
Presentation of my college final project
Vue 3 > Vue 2 + 1
Enter.js Vue Day
Developer Seonglae
Composable Vue
VueDay 2021
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